Satorix was created to be a comprehensive tool that facilitates best-practice application development. It was created by a team of experts in Minneapolis using the knowledge of over 25 years of application development, hosting, and system administrator experience, with the express purpose of allowing developers and system administrators to focus on growing the business and incorporating best practices at every corner.

Satorix streamlines every aspect of the Dev-Ops process. From allowing collaborative project management that increases efficiency, to simplifying and streamlining the testing, deploy and hosting process, Satorix has touched upon, and improved operations, in a way that is  unheard of in any other company. It has been used to bring 100’s of applications to market in a simplified and time-efficient manner.

Satorix is a living application and is constantly being added to and updated, incorporating new techniques, knowledge and features, making sure to stay ahead of the curve in everything it does. With a primary goal of simplifying and optimizing Dev-Ops, Satorix will help any business that uses it, allowing you to focus growing your business.

Leadership Team:

Jeff Hahn


Jeff is owner and CEO of Satorix and Internet Exposure. With over 30 years of industry experience, he plays a key role in the strategic development of Satorix, guiding the future focus of this tool. His experience and passion, coupled with a philosophy of always remaining one-step-ahead, has shaped the vision of this world class tool.  

Jeff Hahn - CEO

Bret Baptist


Bret is the CTO of Satorix and plays an essential role in the strategic and practical implementations of the tool. His 25 years of experience as a system admin & CTO allow him to provide key insights and foresight in this tool.

Bret Baptist - CTO

Brad Worth

Lead Developer

Brad is the lead developer on Satorix and works with his team to connect all the pieces of the tool in a seamless experience unlike any other. His 30 years as a developer provide the knowledge necessary to create this robust tool.

Brad Werth - Lead Developer

Laura Lokken

Lead Digital Producer

Laura is the lead digital producer on Satorix and works behind the scenes to align the vision of this tool with the implemented features. With almost 15 years as a digital producer, her insights allow Satorix to provide end users with the best user experience with as little friction as possible.

Laura Lokken - Lead Digital Producer