On sign up your Satorix Cloud is created in an isolated section of the AWS cloud. Your Satorix Hosting Cluster, GitLab©, and CI/CD runners share a VPC logical network, separate from anyone else.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Your Satorix Cloud is hosted in it’s own VPC environment. Satorix automatically configures the required security groups and access control lists to secure your cloud. Satorix creates and manages the networking and routing to connect your Satorix Cloud services together.

Host instances

The number of hosts that make up your Satorix Hosting Clusters is set upon sign up and creation of your cloud. The Satorix Hosting Clusters are created using AWS auto-scaling groups that will allow dynamic scaling in the future but are currently statically set to the number you sign up for. The host’s capabilities are described in detail on our AWS resources page.

S3 storage

A number of S3 storage buckets are created to house resources for your Satorix Cloud. These include a place to store the container images created to run your application, storage for backups created of your complete Satorix Hosting Environment and individual production applications, and the CI/CD runner caches.

Access rights

When creating your Satorix Cloud a number of AWS IAM roles and users are created. These roles only have access to the resources they need to control. For example, each S3 resource has a user and role created for it. We follow a least access policy for each IAM user in your cloud.

DNS entries

  • *.production.cloudid.satorix.cloud, wildcard subdomain for projects that points to your production Satorix Hosting Cluster
  • *.staging.cloudid.satorix.cloud, wildcard subdomain for projects that points to your staging Satorix Hosting Cluster
  • gitlab.cloudid.satorix.cloud for your GitLab instance
  • production.cloudid.satorix.cloud that is used as the CNAME target for production domains (www.example.com)
  • staging.cloudid.satorix.cloud to be used to point staging domain CNAMEs to if needed (staging.example.com)