Managing your company’s user permissions can be a time-consuming task. Some users need basic access that allows oversight but not editing; some users need advanced access to increase network resources and modify process values. Are you currently stuck wasting time setting each permission up?  

Continue wasting valuable company time -OR- start managing your user permissions effectively with Satorix.

Satorix provides role-based permissions for your basic and advanced users, allowing different access to the Satorix Dashboard and the Gitlab© instance. Protecting your information has never been easier. Simply select a role and Satorix provides access to each area of the platform, based on the selected role.

Additionally, Satorix is the central authentication authority for your Satorix Cloud. It uses SSO to allow your user to log into your Gitlab© instance with the same username and password as their Satorix Dashboard credentials, improving your team’s user experience by allowing easier and faster access to the information and tools they need most.