Managing your hosting environment is a full-time job. Between spinning up one-off environments, making sure your CI/CD pipeline is integrated, and monitoring the resource load across your system, you barely have time to review the bigger picture and work towards optimizing processes and reducing waste.

Imagine a system where staging and production environments are automatically created, a CI/CD pipeline implementation is just a few clicks of a button, load balancing is an automated feature, and you are able to add and remove hosts with just a few keystrokes.

Satorix provides all of this, and more:

  • Applications run in a reproducible containerized environment
  • Isolated staging and production servers are automatically created with identical container run time configuration
  • CI/CD pipeline is implemented by simply adding application configuration and setting up application variables
  • Load balancing is automatic among the hosts to optimize content delivery and ensure uptime if a host goes down, ensuring high availability and reliability of your application
  • Easy scale up or down hosting instances allowing for more flexibility in variable traffic times