GitLab© is a feature-rich software that helps companies manage their software development lifecycle. It includes thousands of features that enhance productivity and efficiencies in software development. It is, however, somewhat cumbersome to configure and integrate with the rest of your Dev-Ops tools including your hosting cluster.

Project Creation

Satorix seamlessly integrates with GitLab’s©  project creation hooks, allowing your team to easily create new projects in GitLab©, while simultaneously connecting projects to status monitoring, creating both staging and production environments, connecting a CI/CD pipeline, and load balanced hosting.

User Creation

When you create users in Satorix, corresponding users are automatically created in GitLab©, allowing you and your team quick access to all of Satorix and GitLab’s© tools. With easy-to-use single sign on, your user management and access will be faster than ever.

GitLab CI/CD & GitLab Runner

Satorix capitalizes on and expands GitLab’s© CI/CD & GitLab© Runner. These pipelines come pre-configured and include basic integration and code quality tests for multiple languages. Additionally, Satorix provisions the number of chosen runners in your managed cloud provider, and automatically connects to the GitLab© CI/CD service, allowing your team to focus on creating their code, rather than managing the process.

Environment Variables

Satorix improves upon GitLab’s© environment variable management, providing an easier to use interface, including the ability to show/hide variable values to protect your keys.