Operating without a reliable safety net is a dangerous place to be. The possibilities of losing your data, your customer’s data, day’s or even month’s worth of work, are all extremely risky in today’s digital age. These types of losses can set your company back or even take you out of the game.

The dangers of operating a digital business can be mitigated by implementing a thorough and comprehensive backup strategy and system.

Satorix includes automatic repository and database backups, ensuring your data and work are saved and accessible even if the unthinkable happens. Backing up your information:

  • Saves your company time and money in the event a rollback is needed
  • Increases your digital security by protecting your company’s data
  • Increases your application’s and company’s reliability
  • Protects your company reputation by ensuring your information is protected
  • Increases your company’s productivity as employees can focus on other tasks