Your Satorix Hosting Cluster is the place where your applications find their home. Using a containerized runtime environment, it orchestrates and schedules your applications to consistently and reliably execute.


When you sign up with Satorix we create staging and production cluster environments by default. Each of these clusters are created with the number of hosts you have selected to best fit your needs.

Container runtime

Applications are built using automatically selected buildpacks for supported languages and run in a containerized environment. It is recommended to follow twelve-factor application best practices.

Application scaling

Using your Satorix Dashboard you can easily scale the number of running instances of your application to meet load and traffic demands. Multi-process application scheduling and load-balancing is one per host, this means to scale to high traffic you need to correctly size the number of cluster hosts.

Database resources

A Satorix Hosting Cluster contains built-in database resource servers. In a multi-host cluster the database servers are configured in a highly-available failover configuration.


Applications scaled to multiple processes in a multi-host cluster are load-balanced using the built-in router that runs on every host. This means you don’t need a seperate load-balancer in front of your cluster. Your Satorix Hosting Cluster is automatically created with a DNS round-robin scheduling configuration that includes end-point health checks to remove any misbehaving hosts.


Your Satorix Hosting Cluster is configured to only allow access on a limited number of ports. These are:

  • 80 (HTTP)
  • 443 (HTTPS)
  • 3000 to 3500 (user-defined TCP services)

All other ports are blocked for incoming access.