Getting your CI/CD runners, pipelines and caching integrated with your applications, deployment process and hosting system is a time-consuming, challenging, and error-prone endeavor that can take months to set up and fine tune to your exact business needs.

Imagine if you can cut out all that time and effort and just start working on the most important thing: your application.

Satorix comes standard fully integrated with Gitlab and robust auto-scaling CI/CD runners, pipelines and caching. By solving the configuration challenges of continuous deployment tools, Satorix saves you time and money and allows your team to focus on the real tasks at hand.

CI Pipeline

Satorix’s CI pipeline automatically builds your application and comes standard with best practice & security tests AND allows you to add any test of your own. If your tests fail, you are automatically notified so you can quickly correct the issues and re-test. These built-in features allow you to keep your code clean, secure, and bug free.

CD Pipeline

Satorix’s CD pipeline automatically deploys your code to the destination environment if your tests pass, allowing your team to work simultaneously on the latest version of the code base.

Runners & Caching

With Satorix, you are able to dedicate an unlimited number of runners in your cloud, allowing your team to work faster. Additionally, by taking advantage of Satorix’s CI/CD caching, your builds become lightening fast by utilizing output of previous jobs.