Getting your team in sync can be a pain. Disparate non-connected systems, different communication methods, different staff working on different but related things without talking to each other… one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing half the time.

Imagine a system that aligns your teams instantly and lets them flourish in a collaborative environment.

Satorix integrates managed cloud provider, Satorix Hosting Cluster, & Gitlab©, and provides easy-to-use project management tools at every step of the way.

Satorix Dashboard

The Satorix Dashboard is your teams’ hub for tracking projects, environments, pipelines, statuses and more.

  • Includes an environment-specific checklist to get your projects set up in under 5 minutes… including a 1 click database setup
  • Provides a listing of applications in your cloud, allowing your team quick access to projects
  • Shows status indicators for build status and app status for both staging and production environments
  • Easily scale both your individual applications and your Satorix Hosting Cluster
  • Manage your application variables in one location, centralizing the inputs for easy maintenance
  • Manage your default domain and easily add in your SSL certificates
  • View application process logs  in one location to be able to analyze data, and identify issues and patterns to research and correct

Satorix Gitlab© Instance

Satorix automatically integrates with Gitlab©, providing countless project management tools, allowing you to manage, plan, create, verify, package, secure, release, configure and monitor your projects on a world-class platform, without the time and headache of integrating everything.

Aligning your entire team from CTO’s and network admins, to project managers and developers has never been easier or as cost efficient.