Connecting your repository to hosting, and everything in between

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    Gitlab logo.

    Gitlab Core Account Setup
    and Integration, providing you:

  • Code Repositories for
    developer collaboration
  • Issue Boards for easy project management
  • Time Tracking for budget management
  • Mattermost integration
    for streamlined
    AWS logo.

    Satorix connects to a
    Full Managed Hosted
    platform backed by AWS including:

  • EC2 Servers
  • Staging Environment
  • Production Environment
  • Load Balanced

And gives you:

  • Project Management

  • User Management

  • Automatic Repository & Database backups

  • CI/CD runners, pipelines and caching

  • 1 click database setup

  • SSL certificate management

  • Hardware & Application scaling

  • Logs

  • Status Monitoring


Satorix's CI pipeline automatically builds your application

and comes standard with our best practice and security tests AND allows you to add any tests of your own.

If your tests fail, you are automatically notified so you can correct the issues and re-test. Allowing you to keep your code clean, secure and bug free.

  • RSpec
  • Brakeman


  • Features deploy left

    Staging Environment

  • Satorix's CD pipeline automatically deploys your code to the destination environment if your tests pass, saving you time and effort as we take your code and deploy it for you. No need to set up your own deployment pipeline, saving you hours to days of time.

  • Features deploy right

    Production Environment


Features host left

Applications run in a reproducible containerized environment

which includes isolated staging and production servers with identical container run time configuration.

Host arrows
Features host right


Features scale image

Satorix allows for both hardware and app instance scaling, all on AWS's renowned hosting platform.

So you can focus on your code & let SATORIX take care of the rest

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